Plans to Abolish Section 21

FPPIn April of last year the Government announced its plans to abolish Section 21.  This has caused a feeling of uncertainty amongst landlords as to how they will go about regaining possession of their property if a tenant refuses to leave after the fixed term of their tenancy agreement expires. The Government has stated that the purpose of the abolishment is an attempt to remove no fault evictions so as to provide renters with the security of having a tenancy that cannot be ended through no fault of their own. The National Landlord’s Association have specified that “over 96% of landlords would consider the leaving the market without section 21”. 

What is section 21?

Section 21 is the process by which landlords or their agents can reclaim properties without having to state a reason. A section 21 notice can only be served no earlier than 4 months’ into a tenancy agreement. Furthermore, it cannot expire before the end of a tenancy.

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How can landlords prepare for the changes?

To prepare, landlords need to act now. If a dispute has arisen between you and your tenant take action immediately. There is uncertainty as to what extent the Government will amend legislation. Also, there is confusion if this will provide you with the necessary means to regain possession of your property.

The section 21 procedure currently remains open to landlords looking to regain possession of their property where the fixed term of the tenancy agreement has expired. This will provide a more cost-effective way of terminating the tenancy agreement even if the tenant is in breach.

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