Bathroom Renovations 2024

How Long Does It Really Take a Bathroom Renovation in 2024?

Embarking on a bathroom renovation project can be both exciting and daunting. With various factors to consider, from design choices to budget constraints, understanding the timeline is crucial for a smooth renovation journey. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deeper into the different renovation scenarios, offering insights and tips to help you plan effectively.

Understanding the Basics: A 6-Week Overview for a bathroom Renovation

On average, a standard bathroom renovation takes approximately six weeks to complete. This timeline encompasses a series of tasks that transform your bathroom from drab to fab. Here’s a closer look at what each week might entail:

Week 1: Demolition and Removal
The initial phase involves removing your existing bathroom fixtures, tiles, and flooring. This step sets the stage for the rest of the renovation and typically takes about a week.

Week 2-3: Plumbing and Electrics
Once the space is cleared, plumbing and electrical work commence. This involves installing new pipes, fittings, and wiring to accommodate your new bathroom layout and features. Depending on the complexity, this phase can take anywhere from one to two weeks.

Week 4: Replastering and Flooring
With the groundwork laid, the focus shifts to replastering walls and laying new flooring. This stage is crucial for achieving a polished finish and usually spans a week.

Week 5-6: Sanitaryware and Tiling Installation
The final weeks are dedicated to installing new sanitaryware, such as sinks, toilets, and showers, and laying wall and floor tiles. The duration can vary based on the intricacy of the tiling design and the number of fixtures being installed.

How Long Does It Really Take a Bathroom Renovation in 2024?

Quick Refresh: Transforming Your Bathroom in 1 Week

If a full-blown renovation seems overwhelming or doesn’t fit your budget, a quick refresh might be the perfect solution. This approach focuses on updating the look and feel of your bathroom without major structural changes.

Tile Refresh and Paint
A fresh coat of paint and updated tiles can make a world of difference. Whether you opt for a bold color or a neutral palette, painting the walls and refreshing the tiles can rejuvenate your bathroom’s appearance in just a couple of days.

Mirror and Fixture Update
Replacing old mirrors, lighting fixtures, and accessories can enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of your bathroom. With careful planning and efficient execution, this phase can be completed within a day or two.

Sanitaryware and Surface Renewal: Elevating Your Bathroom in 3-4 Weeks

For those looking to make more substantial changes, such as upgrading to a new suite or modernizing the bathroom’s design, a comprehensive renovation is the way to go.

Fixture Removal
The first step involves removing the existing fixtures, including the sink, toilet, and shower or bath. This process can take up to a week, depending on the accessibility and condition of the fixtures.

Pipe Installation
Installing new pipes and fittings to accommodate your chosen sanitaryware is a critical aspect of the renovation. This phase typically takes 2-3 days but can vary based on the complexity of the plumbing work.

Electrical Updates
Updating the electrical system to support new lighting, ventilation, or heating solutions is essential for a safe and functional bathroom. Allow 3-4 days for first-fix electrical work, including wiring and installation of new fixtures.

Replastering and Flooring
A smooth and even surface is essential for achieving a flawless finish. Replastering walls and laying new flooring typically takes about a week, depending on the size and condition of the bathroom.

Flooring Bathroom Renovations

Sanitaryware Installation
Installing the new sink, toilet, and shower or bath is the final step in the renovation process. This phase can take up to a week, including any adjustments or modifications needed to ensure a perfect fit.

Wall Tiling
Choosing the right tiles and installing them meticulously can transform your bathroom’s look. Depending on the tile size and design complexity, wall tiling can take anywhere from 3 to 7 days.

Total Layout Transformation: Crafting a New Bathroom in 6 Weeks

Changing the layout of your bathroom or creating a new space altogether requires meticulous planning and execution. Whether you’re merging two small bathrooms to create a family-friendly space or reconfiguring the layout to optimize functionality, this process demands more time and effort.

Layout Planning and Design
Before diving into the renovation, spend time planning and designing your new bathroom layout. This phase involves selecting fixtures, tiles, and finishes, as well as determining the optimal placement of each element. Allow at least a week for planning and obtaining necessary permits or approvals.

Fixture and Wall Removal
Demolishing walls or removing existing fixtures to accommodate the new layout is a labor-intensive process that can take up to two weeks. Ensure proper safety measures are in place to minimize disruptions and hazards.

New Plumbing and Wiring
Adapting the plumbing and electrical systems to fit the new layout requires precision and expertise. Allow 2-3 weeks for this phase, factoring in any unforeseen challenges or modifications.

Replastering, Flooring, and Tiling
Creating a cohesive and stylish bathroom involves attention to detail in every aspect, from wall finishes to flooring. Allocate at least two weeks for replastering, laying new flooring, and tiling, ensuring each task is executed to perfection.

New Bathroom Addition: Building From Scratch in 6 Weeks

Adding a new bathroom where there wasn’t one before is a significant undertaking that involves various challenges and considerations. Whether you’re transforming a spare room into an en-suite or converting an underutilized space into a functional bathroom, this process requires careful planning and adherence to building regulations.

Planning and Approval
Before starting the renovation, consult with a professional to assess the feasibility of adding a new bathroom to your home. Obtain necessary permits or approvals from local authorities, which can take 1-2 weeks or more.

Foundation and Soil Pipe Installation
Creating a solid foundation and installing a new soil pipe are critical aspects of adding a new bathroom. Allow 2-3 weeks for this phase, factoring in excavation, pipe laying, and other groundwork.

New Plumbing and Electrics
Installing new plumbing and electrical systems to support the new bathroom features is a time-consuming process that requires careful planning and execution. Allocate 2-3 weeks for this phase, ensuring all work complies with building regulations.

Sanitaryware and Finishing
Once the infrastructure is in place, the focus shifts to installing new sanitaryware, fixtures, and finishes. This phase can take up to two weeks, including any adjustments or modifications needed to ensure a seamless fit.

Building Regulations and Approvals

Navigating building regulations can be challenging, especially for complex renovation projects or new installations. It’s essential to consult with professionals and obtain necessary approvals to ensure compliance with local codes and regulations.

New Bathroom Installations
Installing a new bathroom often requires building regulations approval, especially if it involves new drainage or significant structural changes.

Relocating Existing Fixtures
If you’re moving existing fixtures or making structural changes, approval may be needed to ensure safety and compliance with building standards.

New Soil and Vent Pipe Installation
Installing a new soil and vent pipe or making new connections to existing drainage systems may require building regulations approval.

Electrical Circuits
Ensuring proper installation and compliance with electrical codes is crucial for safety. Consult with a qualified electrician to ensure all work meets regulatory requirements.


Embarking on a bathroom renovation journey requires meticulous planning, budgeting, and skilled execution. Whether you’re considering a quick refresh or a complete transformation, understanding the timeline and requirements for each phase is crucial for a successful project. It’s important to anticipate buffer time for unforeseen challenges and consult with professionals to ensure compliance with building regulations.

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