Flat Share Property Management

Flat Share Property Management – The Benefits For Landlords

Pisoria’s aim is to focus on the tenants, ensuring they are happy in their new home. However, our philosophy and approach is also beneficial to you as a landlord.

We go that extra mile to ensure our tenants are happy, which means our landlords have peace of mind that their properties are in good hands and are being well looked after.

Here are just some of the benefits for landlords who use Pisoria’s property management services.

High Quality Tenants

Flat Share Property ManagementThe nature of our properties and the services we provide means that we only attract high quality tenants who want a comfortable and pleasant place to call home.

Not only do we specialise in sourcing and vetting quality tenants, we take pride in matching the right tenants with the right property in a neighbourhood they are happy with. Pisoria Social, our social network for our tenants, is a unique digital hub which also offers discounts and special offers around their chosen neighbourhoods. It’s a great success and helps tenants feel even more at home.

But what’s in it for you? Well, the more a tenant feels at home, the happier they’ll be to stay longer term and renew their lease at the end of the tenancy period, which means less vacant periods. In fact our property portfolio is close to 100% occupancy because our tenants are happy and satisfied.

Less hassle for them, means less hassle for you

We’re here to make life easier for both parties.

Pisoria acts as a bridge and communication line between the tenant and landlord and we’re happy to deal with any issues and queries that arise.

With Pisoria you’ll benefit from insurance cover provided by our partners at British Gas. This includes a 24/7 emergency repairs hotline that tenants can call any time of the day or night. Tenants benefit from a fast response by engineers who will fix the problem quickly and efficiently, and landlords benefit from property protection without the hassle.

Professional cleaning

As a landlord one of your main concerns is that your property is being well looked after and kept clean. Rental payments include a fortnightly professional cleaning service which makes life easier for the tenants, while also ensuring your property is kept in good condition.

All inclusive rent

Flat Share Property ManagementTenants with Pisoria are charged an all inclusive rent which covers everything including cleaning and all household bills, so there are no arguments between flat sharers about dividing payments. This makes paying rent far easier for them and also means they don’t have to keep on top of various accounts.

It also means you as a landlord aren’t having to chase up different payments throughout the month. What’s more, our Guaranteed Rent Service ensures you’ll be paid on time, at the same time, every month by each tenant.

We also use a payments tracking service provided by GoCardless (www.gocardless.com), which enables us, as your property managers, to keep track of all payments and detect early payment problems so they can be rectified immediately.

By keeping our tenants satisfied, we’re also keeping our landlords satisfied. Contact us today for more information.