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Badi App – Find your true match!

The sun is shining, the days are getting longer, the trees are showing some green and you can feel the fresh breeze of love in the air. Yes, all signs that it will soon be Valentine’s day!

While some people are swiping through Tinder searching for true love, why not use the new platform Badi to find the perfect room?
When we were exploring the web for some new platforms to advertise our available rooms, we stumbled across Badi, an app where they bring tenants and landlords together.

When Carlos, the founder of Badi, was having troubles searching for a new room in Barcelona, he was inspired when he heard a story of a girl that advertised her spare room on Tinder. She found her perfect roommate by indicating what kind of roommate she was looking for. The founder used this story and created an app that focuses not only on the basic characteristics like price and location, but also finding someone that will fit with the roommates already living in the apartment.

How it works is simple; you publish your spare room on the app and wait until you have a match with a Badi (= A potential future match/tenant). When we posted one of our rooms, we received many requests which we needed to accept or reject.

Yes, we need to decide too if he is the perfect match for us too! You can reject or accept a Badi based on his profile. The profile consists of a profile picture and a short personal description about the Badi. Once you have accepted a request, a direct chat with your chosen Badi will open to truly find out if it is a true match.
There is no need to wait for candidates to the request the room. Badi automatically selects a list of candidates according to your profile. You can invite these candidates to check out your room and if they accept your profile too, a direct chat will start.

Badi is one of the fastest growing apps in Spain and definitely a new platform that we will be exploring. Because it does not only focus on the basic questions such as location and price, you have the opportunity to really get to know your potential future tenant and see whether it is a good fit for the apartment.
We have some lovely rooms available in Barcelona and we are thrilled to give Badi a go to see if we can discover our own Badi.

So if you are looking for a spare room on Badi, keep your eyes open, because maybe you will see one of our own Pisoria rooms, and that could potentially be your true match.