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8 Hacks to Winterise your home for Autumn and Winter

IT’S OFFICIALLY AUTUMN, which means winter is not too far behind. Heating is expensive enough, so you don’t want to pay for heat that escapes out windows, doors and cracks rather than staying inside and keeping you warm. Autumn is an ideal time to make repairs that will make your home more energy efficient, both saving you money and keeping you warmer.

That’s why the team here at Pisoria have written down 8 hacks to winterise your home while also decreasing your heating bill;

Here they are;

1. Seal around your windows- Warm air can escape and cold air can enter your house if the area around your windows has cracks.

2. Bleed the radiators– You’ll know if a radiator needs bleeding because when your heating is on the radiator will be cold at the top and hot at the bottom. Before you do this you should have a cloth and bleed key at the ready and ensure your heating has been turned off.

3. Replace weather stripping around your doors- If you can see light around the edges of your doors, you need new weather stripping.

4. Keep your heating on a timer– During the colder months it’s a good idea to keep your heating ticking over, even if you go away. Ideally you should heat your home on average for at least one hour every day.


5. Close up your fireplace- Make sure your flue closes all the way, and check whether you can feel air coming in when it’s closed. Glass doors around your fireplace opening are another way to keep warm air in and cold air out of your house.

6. Know where your stop cock is– it’s important to know where your stop cock is – this is the valve that turns off and on the cold-water system in your home. If the water in your pipes does freeze, then pressure can build up behind the blocked area, which can cause the pipe to burst.

7. Make sure outside vents are clear of weeds and leaves– You most likely haven’t needed to look at heating and other vents all summer, but now’s the time to make sure they didn’t get covered up with weeds or other debris, blocking important exhaust functions.

8. Prepare for a power cut- Thankfully power cuts are relatively rare in the UK now but it still pays to be prepared. Ensure you have an emergency kit ready; Battery operated torches for everyone in the household, Wind-up radio, tinned and dried food, warm blanket and First aid kit.


So there you have it, 8 ways to winterise your home. It pays to prepare your home for the worst of the British weather.

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