What To Look For in a London Flat Share – Top Tips

Finding a flatshare in London can be daunting – endless adverts for rooms and buddy ups, decisions about location, budget and bills, and fitting in viewings all combine to create a stressful situation. Below are some of Pisoria’s top tips when searching for a room in London!


  1. Spare Room – Spare Room is a great tool when flat hunting! You are able to effectively narrow down your search criteria and seek out adverts that are most appropriate. Pisoria uses Spare Room to advertise all of our rooms, and have a full breakdown all of the info you need. The advert is the first thing you see of the flat, so select ones that appear professional. Photos, videos, and a full, accurate description are good indicators of trustworthy agencies.


  1. Know what you’re looking for – If you begin your search with wide criteria, you will be making it more difficult to narrow down the mass of rooms on offer! If you set your budget, location and move-in date, you can specify exactly what you’re looking for, and not waste your time on inappropriate options.


  1. Be open to options – although it’s good to have specific criteria, also be aware that there are other options on offer! For example, if you focus purely on living close to one tube stop, and reject all other options, you may be turning down great rooms. A 2-minute tube journey from Bow can connect you to Mile End – so widen your scope a little! Pisoria has properties right across East London – from Bethnal Green to Canary Wharf. Transport in London is widely accessible, so bear that in mind!


  1. Do your research – Make sure you are renting through an agency you trust! It’s important to know who you’re renting from, so check-out the company to make sure they are credible. A friendly, professional agency is essential! Check-out Pisoria’s Facebook and Google reviews to see what our tenants say about us! Hearing what other people have to say about a company is a good indicator that they are trustworthy.


  1. Opt for bills included – it can be really stressful trying to organise a fair split of the bills with your flatmates, not to mention the time you need to spend paying each separate bill! Pisoria include all bills in the monthly rental price – gas, electricity, water, TV licence, WIFI and council tax – so no need to worry about sorting anything yourself! A fortnightly cleaner is also included to help keep the property looking it’s best!


Flat sharing is a convenient and budget-friendly way to live in London – and as there is so much on offer you are able to find a room that suits you! Check-out the rest of the Pisoria website to see which rooms we currently have available!