Discounts in and around the area

We are currently undergoing a transition of providing all our tenants with great offers for local establishments in and around the area such as Trieu Nails and Pronto (a restaurant/café) to name a few. Pisoria take pride in ensuring all our tenants are provided with a great service under our management, so we have gone that extra mile to reach out to several establishments for them to provide all our tenants with a small % discount on either a product or service.

We will be providing all our tenants with a Pisoria Social card, it will simply have your name and tenant ID number to set apart our tenants from the public. Below you can see an example of the outline of the card we will be providing for all our tenants going forward.

Once we have managed to get a substantial number of establishments to authorise a form of discount we will be sending out our Pisoria Social cards.

Pisoria have had a great start to the year and we would love to share this positivity with our tenants.

This is one of many improvements we will be making over the course of the year, we are currently expanding as a business getting new Landlords under our belt which results in new properties and more tenants to provide an outstanding service to.

Pisoria would like to thank you for allowing us to be able to provide this service for you as without our tenants none of this would be possible!