How Can Property Management Benefit You?

Many landlords assume that managing their property will be straightforward and stress-free; however, most find the process to be time consuming, expensive and complicated. Issues ranging from advertising and finding tenants, right through to maintenance issues and rent arrears mean that the process can end up causing more hassle than its worth.

Property Management from Pisoria can take away the burden of having to deal with these issues. In this post we discuss what we can do to alleviate the stress of dealing with problematic tenants and maintenance issues.


  1. Searching for Suitable Tenants

Firstly, Pisoria have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to advertising to and attracting suitable tenants. Professional photos, videos and viewing procedures mean this process is slick and streamlined. We use many channels – such as SpareRoom, SpotAHome, and Whoomies – to advertise, and know how to reach the ideal target audience.

Our lettings team will conduct viewings with any potential tenants, and then make sure to carry out the suitable reference checks. We attract young professionals looking to settle in the City – one of the best types of tenant!


  1. Empty Rooms

Periods of vacancy can be one of the most stressful times for a landlord – no one wants to be missing out on potential income.

By renting out separate rooms in a property, this greatly reduces the hit of any possible vacant periods. This will also maximise rental income, and the style of the market often means tenants are looking to settle in a new room ASAP – meaning that Pisoria often fill rooms within a matter of days. Our portfolio boasts a 97% occupancy rate (2017).

In addition to this, we have strong ratings on the Pisoria Facebook page – a glance at the reviews reflects how happy tenants feel in our properties. The better management service, the more likely the tenant is to stay!


  1. Maintenance Issues

Under the Pisoria “fully-managed” service, your property will benefit from insurance cover from our Partner’s at British Gas. This not only covers basic repairs, but also offers a 24/7 emergency service – solving the issue of tenants calling up and complaining at all hours! We use an online management system – Arthur Online – to track maintenance issues, and set up easy, reliable communication with tenants.

For those small issues not covered by British Gas, we work with a range of trusted contractors, and will make sure that your property is always kept in top shape. If it needs a touch of brightening up, our interior design service can also help you to renovate and refurbish any rooms that are starting to look tired.

The fully managed service also includes fortnightly cleaning – keeping the property clean and well kept.


  1. Rent Arrears

Even worse than empty rooms, is the issue of rent arrears. Chasing unpaid rents can be extremely time-consuming, complicated and stressful for a landlord.

Pisoria will carefully vet any incoming tenants, and use GoCardless to track any rent issues. These measures combined mean problems shouldn’t occur in the first place. If in the rare condition a rent payment is late, we will ensure that chasing the tenant for payment is a top priority.

For more information on Pisoria’s fully managed, let and rent, or let only management options, please don’t hesitate to contact us.