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Winter is coming…

Sadly, winter is coming.

We want you to be prepared and ready to spend some cosy time indoors.

Most of our properties are now installed with Hive systems, or have them on the way very shortly.

You can tell if your property has a Hive heating system, if you have a fancy thermostat controller like this one:


We will soon be activating your programmed winter heating schedule, which is illustrated in the image below.

Outside of this heating schedule you may use the Boost function to turn on/off the heating when you need to a desired temperature.

This can be done by pressing the boost button on the top right of the thermostat then turning the knob to the desired temperature. Once the desired temperature is selected please click down on the knob. The heating will now be on for a temporary duration.

You may further moderate the temperature in your property by turning each radiator on/off by turning the valve clockwise/ anti-clockwise in the case a room is too cold/ hot in comparison to the other radiated rooms.