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Rent a Room London

Rent a Room London

Opt For All Inclusive Rent in London

Rent a Room LondonIf you have just secured a new job in London and you are looking for somewhere to live, the chances are that you are feeling very overwhelmed right now.

Accommodation in London, both to buy and to rent, is very expensive and you may find yourself having to make compromises on your ideal home.

How to Rent a Room in London

When looking to rent a room in London, it is important that you do your homework as the last thing that you want is to be stuck in a place that is unsuitable for you.

Many landlords can oversell a property by making claims that the room is bigger than you think or by hiding charges that should have been declared up front.

When looking for a house share, London homeowners and renters have lots to offer – you just need to think about the following:

  • What area of London you would like to live in
  • How will you get to and from work
  • How much space you need (just a room or a whole flat?)
  • What your budget is including all bills
  • How many people you want to flat share with
  • How long you expect to stay in the flat

All-Inclusive Rooms to Rent in London

If you are looking for accommodation in London and you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider looking for an all inclusive deal.

All-inclusive room rental is becoming increasingly popular, as it offers those on a budget the perfect way to manage finances. Pisoria offers our clients the opportunity to pay a one-off rental fee per month that includes the following:

  • Room rental
  • Council tax
  • Water rates
  • Gas bills
  • Electricity bills
  • TV and broadband
  • Regular cleaning

Rent a Room LondonThis all inclusive package means that there are no squabbles about who owes what and who used most of the water that month, everything is fairly broken down. These deals also mean that you will not be surprised by hidden costs that often creep up if you do not do your homework.

Added Extras

As well as offering our clients great all inclusive deals, we can offer full breakdown support, including an exclusive relationship with British Gas so that you are never left out in the cold.

We offer full flexibility with our 6-month minimum stays and a short notice policy. All of our landlords must meet our high-standards so that we can maximise the chances of you finding a room to rent in London that will keep you happy.

When it comes to agencies, London based Pisoria has one of the best portfolios in the business so that you can rent a room in London in no time.