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5 Benefits of Flat Sharing in London

Looking for accommodation in London is a very arduous task indeed. With rising house prices and decent rental properties getting snapped up within seconds of being advertised, more and more people are turning to shared accommodation in London.

Looking For a London Based Property Management Agency

Property Management LondonWhen it comes to property management, London firms are seeing a rise in people renting out rooms in their home or people looking for room only, rather than a property of their own.

If you are thinking of flat sharing, let the best property management company London has to offer (Pisoria) give you a breakdown of the top 5 benefits of flat sharing.

1. It is Cheaper

The most obvious benefit of renting a room rather than a whole flat is that you can share the costs of the whole property. Splitting the costs of additional rooms in the house means that you can make living in the city much more affordable.

While you are saving on rent, you will have the opportunity to gather the money for a deposit on a mortgage or a more permanent place to rent. If you are looking for advice on typical deposit expectations from estate agents, London team Pisoria is at hand for advice.

2. You will Make Friends

If you are moving to London from another part of the world, it can be very lonely until you get to grips with the city and make friends.

By flat sharing, you will instantly be in company and you can interact with other people as little or as often as you like.

3. You can Share Chores

If you work long hours keeping on top of cleaning, washing and cooking may be all too much. By sharing a house or flat you can devise a rota to share chores and make maintaining your home a little bit more achievable.

4. Less Commitment

While you will have a contract to sign when you agree to take a room, renting a room holds a lot less responsibility than taking out a long-term rental.

Property Management AgencyYou will need to agree how much notice to give to the person you are renting off but terms and conditions are usually much more relaxed than full property rentals.

5. You can be Closer to the City

Much of the affordable housing in London is outside of the city centre so you may have to commute in and out. By renting a room you can afford to live closer to the city which means that you can cut down on travel costs and look forward to an extra few minutes of sleep each morning!

Whether you want to rent a room for a short period or you love the idea of sharing long-term, it is definitely an option to consider if you want a cheap and convenient place to stay in London.

For the best in property management, London-based Pisoria has one of the best portfolios London has to offer and we are waiting to help you in your search to rent a room in London.