Pisoria & Spotahome – The dream team

Imagine having a few properties spread all over Barcelona. Some of your rooms become available and you start advertising them, on for instance Badi or Idealista. A stream of messages comes in asking you all kinds of questions about your vacant rooms. This leads to days packed running around the city trying to attend all your viewings. To make your busy agenda even worse, a leak is discovered in a kitchen. Feeling stressed yet?

Pisoria Barcelona has been working together with online booking platform Spotahome for over half a year now and all our rooms are advertised on it. These advertisements are made by a representative of Spotahome that has visited our apartments, taken some professional pictures and written a detailed description about the property.  These advertisements are so detailed, that potential tenants trust them enough to book the room online without even seeing the room. When the advertisement is online, Spotahome takes care of everything and the only thing that we need to do is wait until we can accept or reject a booking.

Why use Spotahome and Pisoria?

As a landlord, finding a new tenant is one of the most time-consuming tasks, especially if you have different apartments and rooms vacant at the same time.
So, if you have all your bookings arranged by Spotahome, why work with Pisoria too?

To make dream work, you need team work

For all properties of Pisoria Barcelona, the aim is to keep the gap between a booking to the minimum, preferably not less than 7 days. It could happen that Spotahome is not able to find a new tenant, so Pisoria pitches in. As most of the rooms are mostly booked, we will have more time to give special attention to the exceptions by posting these rooms on Badi, Idealista, Fotocasa, etc. We will bring out all the guns in order to find a new tenant for these vacant rooms.

Bye, bye, nitty gritty work

Once the room has been booked, the real work for Pisoria is about to start. The time saved by posting the rooms on Spotahome, gives us plenty of time to focus on our tenants and to take care of all the nitty gritty work, such as a leak, that comes with offering your property for flat sharing. If you would like to read more about how property management could benefit you, please click here.

Most important of all, keep your tenants happy

By choosing to advertise the rooms on Spotahome it will give us more time to focus on what really matters, the happiness of the tenants. Furthermore, it will give Pisoria more time to focus on rooms that need more attention. This will ensure that the rooms have a high occupancy rate. Therefore, we believe that Spotahome and Pisoria is a real dream team!