Burley House Property Information Document

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Contact Information

For Rent & Contact Issues contact:

Alex Dehayen
E: [email protected]
T: 02087098125
M: 07779728585

For Maintenance Issues contact:

Andrea Stangoni
E: [email protected]
T: 02087098123
M: 07709036059

For Administrative Issues contact:

Amy Vincent
E: [email protected]
T: 02087098121

Our Offices are located at:
101 Roman Road, London, E2 0QN

Our office opening hours are:
10am-6pm (Monday to Friday)


Your Wi-Fi network name is: 34 Burley Hs.
The Wi-Fi password is “Pisoria1”.
The Wi-Fi router is located in the Kitchen, right hand side from the door.
The internet service provider is Utility Warehouse.
Any problems with the internet service must be addressed by the tenants with the internet service provider directly, using the following information:
• Contact Number: 0844 815 7777 – 0208 955 5555
• Account number: 7601657
• Year: 1979
• Password: Pisoria1

Utility Warehouse technical support line are open Monday- Friday 9am – 8pm / Saturday 9am – 4.30pm

Internet Responsibility


Pay bills relating to broadband use. The broadband supply is on an ‘unlimited’ contract, but this is subject to a ‘fair and reasonable use’ clause. If excess charges are incurred due to a breach of the ‘fair and reasonable use’ clause, Pisoria will not be responsible for paying the excess charges.

Provide account details to enable Tenants to discuss and resolve any problems with the functioning of Broadband directly with the supplier.


• Make use of the broadband service for reasonable domestic purposes. If the supplier’s ‘fair and reasonable use’ clause is breached, the Tenants will be responsible for paying the excess charges.
• If the Tenant responsible for the breach can be identified with certainty, that Tenant will be charged in full. If it is not possible to determine who has caused the breach, the charge will be split equally amongst the Tenants.

To deal directly with the broadband supplier to resolve any issues arising in the broadband service – using the helpline number and account details provided.



The boiler is located in the cupboard, right hand side on the entrance.

burley road boiler

Make: Glow Worm
Model: Micron

Using the boiler controls, you can turn on and off the supply of hot water to the taps and the radiators. It can also be used to program the times at which the heating system will automatically turn on and off.