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Top Tips When Looking For Accommodation In London

accommodation in london

accommodation in londonHow To Make Sure You’re Getting Quality Accommodation In London

Mention that you are hunting for a flat share in London and many people assume that the process is a nightmare.

It’s true that it can be a long process, trying to find good accommodation in London. However, there are ways to make your search a success.

Here are some tips to help you get the best flat share that you possibly can:

Where To Start

The first thing to do, if you’re looking for a flat share in London, is to ask the advice of your friends. Where are they living? What are the perks of their neighbourhoods? Local parks, amenities, and transport links are all vitally important.

Then, take a look online for the affordability of the areas that you’re interested in. You can soon get an idea of how much good accommodation in London will be for you.

Use An Estate Agent

Many people feel as though it’s a waste of money using a London flat share agency, but in fact they can save you from a lot of the troubles that typically come with the process.

Sites such as Gumtree seem like a good idea at the time, but it can often turn up unsavoury landlords, who may more trouble than they’re worth.

An estate agent will be able to handle a lot of the burden for you, such as avoiding scams and frauds, making sure properties are fit for purpose, and helping you find a reasonably priced rental.

When you get in touch, it’s usually a good idea to call first. Doing so will get you on the road to finding the right flat share quicker.

Talk To The Tenants

If you’re looking around a possible rental, talk to the current tenants if you can and get the lowdown. How do they find living there? Have they had any problems with the landlord, or the estate agents – London that manages the house?

You’ll hear everything about the house that you need to know. And if you do end up moving in, it will be beneficial if you stay on friendly terms with the current tenants, so it’s worth trying to get to know them.

accommodation in londonCheck The Building Before You Move In

All rented accommodation in London should be well kept and well serviced. Before you sign on the dotted line, check all the ceilings and walls for leaks and holes, and make sure that the utilities are working as they should be.

You don’t want to move in and find that the house is in poor shape or that the boiler isn’t working properly, so make these checks first.

Know What You Want

Finally, make sure that you know what you want. If you want to rent a room in London, you need to have a clear idea of what is and isn’t right for you. Let your estate agent know what you want, and you can get the right flat share for you.

If you’re looking for professional accommodation in London, come speak to us at Pisoria. We care about you as a tenant and we’ll take care to find a flat share in London that suits you as an individual.